Why an IAOPCC Provider is Important

Pets are anchors in our lives providing nurturing and unconditional love that we don’t always receive from other people.  The loss of a pet is a major life event and choosing a pet aftercare provider to take care of your beloved family member is of utmost importance.   Your pet has trusted you to take care of him throughout his lifetime and now you need to trust your pet aftercare provider.   By selecting a pet funeral home, cemetery, and/or crematory that is a member of the IAOPCC, you are assured that your provider follows a strict code of ethics and the highest standards in the industry.  IAOPCC Members provide an environment that you can feel comfortable in allowing you the opportunity to process your grief and emotion without additional concerns.   

Be certain to check the endorsements/affiliations of the pet funeral home, cemetery, and/or crematory you are talking with, qualified members should display the IAOPCC logo and will be listed under our Member Directory by state/country.  This Directory is continually updated and maintained.

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