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 What does it mean?

The IAOPCC is proud to announce for the first time in the history of pet aftercare, an industry-approved Accreditation program! In an unprecedented and historical firstthe IAOPCC Accreditation Program is the first and only copyrighted Accredited Program with published and recommended procedures for every step of the pet cremation process, including, transportation, each type of pet cremation, readily retrievable records, facility standards and continuing education for pet crematorium staff members. Following nearly five years of study and research, these Accreditation standards, processes, and program of inspections were rolled out in January of 2014 across the United States, Canada, and worldwide to its Members.  Since 2009, the IAOPCC’s Standards Committee, made up of seven Member pet crematory owners and operators located throughout the U.S. and Canada, researched, studied and met monthly to develop the intense and rigorous standards.


In an industry requiring very little oversight, other than environmental regulations and the usual business licensing, pet aftercare has been largely a self-regulated profession. Currently there are only 3 states in the United States that have any legal standards for pet cremation. With the introduction of the IAOPCC Accreditation Program, the IAOPCC has given the industry and the pet owner a measure of protection in the integrity of the pet aftercare processes from those pet crematories who seek out Accreditation and inspection.  


 Why is it important?

Accreditation benefits both the member facility and the clients it serves. Through the IAOPCC Accreditation Program, pet crematories are evaluated against a pool of more than 250 standards that represent the best practices in pet cremation care and pet crematory management. Our international Standards Committee task force continually update the standards to reflect the latest developments and improvements in pet after care, pet cremation techniques, records, cleanliness, staff and client safety, and a host of other areas essential to excellent pet and client care.


How Can I Become Professionally Accredited?

If you own and operate a Pet Cemetery and/or Pet Crematory and are not currently a Member of the IAOPCC, we encourage you to submit a Membership Application today.   Membership Applications can be found under Join IAOPCC at the top of this page. Pursuing Accreditation requires Membership in the IAOPCC. For questions regarding this process, please contact the Home Office today by calling 1-800-952-5541, or emailing us at



 PET OWNERS PLEASE NOTE: Former members are not entitled to use the IAOPCC membership logo. Please be sure to check our Membership Directory and verify that the Cemetery/Crematory is in fact a current member in good standing and not just borrowing the logo, or you may contact the Home Office directly at 1-800-952-5541 or