What You Can Expect From an IAOPCC Member
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  •  IAOPCC Members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics & Standards of Business Practices;
  •  IAOPCC Members have an open door policy providing a physical location for clients and/or visitors to see its operations;
  •  IAOPCC Members allow for pet parents to view their pet’s body prior to cremation and/or burial and offer the opportunity to be present when the pet is being cremated and/or buried;
  •  IAOPCC Members provide full disclosure of the pet identification and tracking process;
  •  IAOPCC Member cemeteries provide for a deed restriction and perpetual care fund for continuation and maintenance of the cemetery;  
  •  IAOPCC Members are required to meet EPA air quality standards and comply with local, state, provincial, and federal laws;
  •  IAOPCC Members will not misrepresent their services nor conduct their business in a fraudulent manner;
  •  IAOPCC Members offer the utmost in quality care and services providing pet parents and their pets compassionate care;
  •  IAOPCC Members have resources available for grief counseling services and grief education for families.

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 PET OWNERS PLEASE NOTE: Former members are not entitled to use the IAOPCC membership logo. Please be sure to check our Membership Directory and verify that the Cemetery/Crematory is in fact a current member in good standing and not just borrowing the logo, or you may contact the Home Office directly at 1-800-952-5541 or info@iaopc.com.