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Whether you currently own and operate pet aftercare services, or you are just starting out, you are invited to join our elite Membership.  Membership with the IAOPCC not only is an endorsement of your business, it tells your clients that you care.  For Sponsors and Suppliers, membership provides you inside access to our Members.   Recognized around the world, IAOPCC Membership gives you the opportunity to associate and identify with the most professional, talented and seasoned pet cemeterians and crematory operators available anywhere in the world providing you:


1. CONTINUING EDUCATION - Knowledge is the main key to success! No library or college known to IAOPCC has extensive information on the operation of a pet cemetery or crematory. IAOPCC is perhaps the only place a prospective pet cemetery and/or crematory operator can go to find answers to questions about start-up and operational concerns. Membership in IAOPCC opens numerous doors to sources otherwise not available. 

2. MANAGEMENT CONSULTING - Members with a specific problem in pet cemetery/crematory management can contact the Home Office and be referred to a 'Consulting Cemeterian' who will help solve problems or answer questions. No charge to the inquiring member. 

3. MEMBER SUPPORT - Share ideas, gain industry knowledge, and discuss current issues with other members. This is a great place to get input and possible solutions from your constituents around the country and world!  

4. THE IAOPCC EMBLEM - IAOPCC members are entitled and encouraged to use the IAOPCC emblem on all stationery and advertising to enhance their business image. This is a very important marketing tool.

5. MEMBERSHIP AND CODE OF ETHICS PLAQUES - Displaying the Membership and Code of Ethics Plaques informs the public that the cemetery/crematory operation adheres to the Code of Ethics as required by the IAOPCC.

6.  TRAINING PROGRAMS - On-going training programs designed to provide you with the most extensive training available in the pet aftercare industry conducted by seasoned professionals.

7.  ACCREDITATION - The IAOPCC is the only organization with published recommended procedures for every step of the pet cremation process, including, transportation, each type of pet cremation, readily retrievable records, facility standards and continuing education for pet crematorium staff members. Following nearly five years of study and research, these Accreditation standards, processes, and program of inspections were rolled out in January of 2014 across the United States, Canada, and worldwide to its Members.

8.  WEBSITE WITH MEMBER ONLY PRIVILEGES - Providing valuable up to date industry information you need to know in your profession.

9.  MEMBER DISCOUNTS TO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES - Being a Member of the IAOPCC entitles you to Discounts Offered by Our Premier Suppliers increasing your bottom line!

10. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION TO NEWS & VIEWS - The official publication of IAOPCC, distributed in two printed issues (Summer and Winter) and two electronic issues, eNews & Views (Spring and Fall). Featuring articles about pet cemeteries and crematories and their problems and triumphs, industry issues and concerns, highlights of conventions, articles of general interest concerning the organization and the membership.

11. OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND AN ANNUAL IAOPCC CONFERENCE - Conferences offer opportunity to learn the latest techniques of operating a pet cemetery or crematory. Many providers of supplies and services are on hand to offer information about their offerings. Conferences provide a meeting place for pet cemeterians to renew old friendships and to develop new ones. Reduced rates for accommodations are provided to members for all meetings.

12. FRIENDSHIP THROUGH MEMBERSHIP - Where else can you meet with people who have the same business background and vocational interests as you do?  Those who attend IAOPCC meetings are owners or operators of a Pet Cemetery and/or Crematory who willingly and freely share experiences and knowledge with other members. Membership in IAOPCC provides the opportunity to develop friendships with others across North America and indeed the world!

If you would like to find out more about what services our organization can provide for you, or how membership with the IAOPCC can benefit you, please call us or request information via the Contact Us link.

Classification and Definition of Membership Opportunities:  The IAOPCC considers a Pet Cemetery to be a full service Cemetery/Crematory/Funeral Home or any one of the three, or an acceptable related business such as an agency or not-for-profit society or association.  There are three classes of membership:  Regular, Supplier, and Affiliate.  Application for Membership does not guarantee approval.

Option I:

Regular Membership

Option II:

Affiliate Membership

Option III:

Supplier Membership 

Regular Membership is afforded to those who currently own and operate a Pet Cemetery/ Crematory/ Funeral Home business. Regular Membership Dues are $395.00 per year. A one time Initiation Fee of $100.00 is charged for all New Members.

Regular membership is subject to the following:

  • The submission of our Self Evaluation Form indicating adequate experience and knowledge concerning the operation of a pet cemetery and/or crematory, including owner's signature on Code of Ethics, and Practices agreement;
  • The registration and attendance at an upcoming IAOPCC Annual Conference and Continuing Education Classes following membership approval.
Affiliate Membership is afforded to those who are interested in beginning a Pet Cemetery/ Crematory/ Funeral Home business. Affiliate Membership dues are $300.00 per year. Affiliate Memberships are limited to three (3) years.

An Affiliate Membership is subject to the following:
  • Affiliate membership is limited to three (3) years;
  • Affiliate membership must be converted to a Regular Membership immediately upon active ownership and/or the operation of a Pet Cemetery, Pet Crematory, and/or Pet Funeral Home business. The Regular Membership Initiation Fee of $100.00 is due and payable at that time;
  • Affiliate members do no have voting rights;
  • An Affiliate Member is expected to register and attend an upcoming IAOPCC Annual Conference and Continuing Education Classes following membership approval.
Supplier Membership is afforded to those in the business of providing products and/or services to the Pet Aftercare Industry. A Supplier Member has the right, and is encouraged, to use the IAOPCC logo on advertising, stationary, and other printed materials. A Supplier Membership will be entitled to all of the benefits offered by IAOPCC including referrals, listings, special advertising rates in the News & Views, the right to participate in special mailings, and other promotional actions that IAOPCC may offer from time to time. Supplier Membership dues are $500.00 annually.

A Supplier Membership is subject to the following:
  • A Supplier Member has all the rights of a Regular IAOPCC Member with the following exceptions;
  • Supplier Members do not have voting rights;
  • Supplier Members are not allowed to service on the IAOPCC Board of Directors;
  • IAOPCC Supplier Members are encouraged to attend and display at least one IAOPCC Annual Conference every
    two (2) years




 PET OWNERS PLEASE NOTE: Former members are not entitled to use the IAOPCC membership logo. Please be sure to check our Membership Directory and verify that the Cemetery/Crematory is in fact a current member in good standing and not just borrowing the logo, or you may contact the Home Office directly at 1-800-952-5541 or