Who is the IAOPCC?
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The International Association Of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories (IAOPCC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the standards, ethics, and professionalism of pet cemeteries and crematories around the world. With Members in more than 15 countries, we are the Recognized Leader in the Pet Aftercare Profession!

Founded in 1971 in West Chicago by Pat Blosser, our mission is to continually set and elevate the standards and ethics of the pet aftercare profession, provide continuing education for our Members, and to educate pet parents to the importance of seeking services from an IAOPCC Pet Cemetery/Crematory Member versus the other options available to them.

The IAOPCC represents the gold standard in both business and ethics in the aftercare industry. Being an IAOPCC Member assures your clients that they are dealing with a reputable provider offering the finest in aftercare for their pet. IAOPCC Members are expected to uphold the high standards set by the Association and are bound by the standards and practices set forth by the Association.

In an unprecedented and historical firstthe IAOPCC is the only organization with published recommended procedures for every step of the pet cremation process, including, transportation, each type of pet cremation, readily retrievable records, facility standards and continuing education for pet crematorium staff members. Following five years of study and research, these Accreditation standards, processes, and program of inspections were rolled out in January of 2014 across the United States, Canada, and worldwide to its Members. To learn more about our Accreditation Program and how you can become Accredited, please click on the Accreditation tab at the top of this page.

As a professional in the Pet Aftercare Industry, you are invited to join the IAOPCC. Membership not only acts as an endorsement for your business, it tells your clients that you care. For sponsors and suppliers, membership provides you inside access to reach our members. If you have not yet opened a pet cemetery and/or pet crematory, you may join IAOPCC as an Affiliate Member allowing you to learn all aspects of the pet aftercare profession prior to establishing your business.

Participating in the IAOPCC as a Member gives you access to the tools needed to become successful! Click here to learn more about becoming a member of the IAOPCC.

 PET OWNERS PLEASE NOTE: Former members are not entitled to use the IAOPCC membership logo. Please be sure to check our Membership Directory and verify that the Cemetery/Crematory is in fact a current member in good standing and not just borrowing the logo, or you may contact the Home Office directly at 1-800-952-5541 or info@iaopc.com.